Land. Meet sea.
Big Sur, California Visitor Bureau   
Hotels and Resorts
Post Ranch Inn
Ragged Point Inn
The River Inn
Treebones Resort
The Ventana Inn
Deetjen's Big Sur Inn
Ripplewood Resort
Lucia Lodge
Fernwood Resort
Big Sur Lodge

Camp One: Six Campgrounds

Camp One: Five Beaches

Ragged Point Restaurant
Sierra Mar at Post Ranch Inn
The Ventana Inn
Big Sur Bakery & Restaurant
Cafe Nepenthe
The River Inn
Big Sur Lodge
Redwood Grill at Fernwood
Lucia Lodge
Ripplewood Resort

500 Workshops
Esalen Institute

Kayak and Bike Rentals
Randy's Fishing Trips
Randy's Whale Watching Trips
Helicopter Tours
Horseback Riding
Ragged Point Hiking
Hearst Castle
Monterey Bay Aquarium      
Henry Miller Library
Bay Bike - Big Sur Bike Rentals
Camping Gear: Outdoor World

Monterey Towing and Auto Service
Emergency Veterinarian

Real Estate
Big Sur Real Estate   
John Saar Properties

Art Galleries
Ragged Point Gallery
Hawthorne Gallery
Coast Gallery & Cafe

Hearst Ranch Beef

Regional Retail
Carmel Plaza
The Crossroads - Carmel

Del Monte Shopping Center
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Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Home

Sea otter in Big Sur -

Welcome to Big Sur.

The world's greatest meeting of land and sea, Big Sur spans the Pacific Coast from San Simeon to Carmel along the coastal range of the Santa Lucia Mountains. More than three million visitors per year explore the deep woods, ride horses on the beach, and visit local art galleries and restaurants all nestled along Highway 1, a river of asphalt that runs from the high cliffs to the open sea.

Big Sur is a world-class road trip with accommodations ranging from a human nest in a yurt camp to a 5-star resort perched on the hills and with dining options as diverse as home grown organics to Michelin Guide cuisine.

Big Sur is what you need it to be.

The name Big Sur comes from the Spanish “el sur grande” or Big South, referring to its position 25 miles south of Monterey, California. Framed between the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Big Sur is a region without formal boundaries or government – it’s more emotion than cartography. It’s a passageway. A journey.  

Big Sur has three communities - more like outposts and they were - Gorda, Lucia, and Posts. Tucked in between you’ll find restaurants, state parks, art galleries, hotels, and campgrounds and if you stop and look you’ll see an artist working in the filtered redwood light. 

Formed by the slow and perpetual meeting of land and sea, the cliffs are a wonder to drive and behold – red-tailed hawks soar alongside you. 

In Big Sur you can see the largest, rarest, fastest, slowest, and most elusive life forms on earth. We don’t know if these creatures are in Big Sur because the flow of evolution places them here or they decide to be here, like you, joining us in the promised land.

Whales visible from shore and otters and dolphins swimming along the base of mountains make Big Sur a unique treasure, named one of the top two destinations in the United States by TripAdvisor.

Home to less than 1,000 permanent human residents, Big Sur is more emotion than geography; it’s a passageway, a journey, from which visitors emerge in awe of the power and beauty of nature.

The Big Sur Visitor Bureau is dedicated to promoting Big Sur and local businesses, from a wood artist reshaping an ancient redwood slab to world-class lodgings high on the ancient cliffs.

We invite you to experience Big Sur and we welcome your feedback on how we can make this site, and your experience, more pleasant and ultimately, unforgettable.  

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