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Big Sur, California Visitor Bureau   
Featured Artists:

Coast Gallery - Tim Cotterill
Tim Cotterill - Blossom Frog

Coast Gallery Loet Venderveen -
Loet Venderveen - Lion, Reclining Jewel

Coast Gallery Ann Seifert -
Ann Seifert - Barn Owl

Coast Gallery James Hunolt -
James Hunolt - Birds of Prey

Sergio Lub - Magnetic bracelet

Coast Gallery Van Megert -
Van Megert prints

Coast Gallery - Marc Chagall
Marc Chagall prints
Coast Gallery and Cafe
Highway 1
Big Sur, CA 93920 US
Phone: 831-667-2301

Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Coast Gallery and Cafe

Coast Gallery Big Sur -

Named the #1 shopping destination in Big Sur by tripadvisor, Coast Gallery showcases the largest collection of American Craft art in the United States with more than 3,000 pieces from 250 artists in four galleries comprising 9,000 square feet.

Coast Gallery was known as "the bank" when it was originally constructed in 1958 by owner Gary Koeppel, an English professor turned candle maker. In 1972 a "one-hundred year flood" ruined the bank. Gary rebuilt the gallery using 2,000 year old redwood slabs from two old abandoned water tanks at a naval facility. 

Coast Gallery Big Sur bird houses -
Our birds are happy. 

In 1970, a second story was added and the Coast Gallery Cafe was born.

Coast Gallery Cafe deck -

Run by chef Matthew Farmer, the cafe delights visitors from all over the world who enjoy a fine meal, treat, or coffee on the dog-friendly deck overlooking the Pacific. Favorites include the world-famous BLT, the smoked fish and cheese platters, and the Big Sur turkey sandwich.

Coast Gallery Cafe cheese platter - 

Coast Gallery Cafe Cowgirl Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich -
Cowgirl Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich - yummy... 

Today, Coast Gallery still sits in redwood canyon near a river high on the cliff. It's around a quick turn if you're heading north so keep an eye out for the sign.