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Country Flat Farm
Palo Colorado Canyon
Big Sur, CA 93920 US
Phone: 831-624-2894

When you visit they'll come out and meet you by the road.
Beekeeping classes

In 2012, Peter, the owner of Country Flat Farm, began teaching beekeeping classes. The classes are for beginners and experts. How many people can say they learned to make honey while on vacation!   

There are four beekeeping workshops in 2013. You can attend any or all. All classes are from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

March 9: Getting started.
May 4: Managing hives during the honey flow. 
June 22: Honey extraction.
July 20: Preparing for winter.

“As a novice beekeeper [your beekeeping workshop] was very informative, I especially enjoyed the hands on learning when you opened up the beehives. Thank you for sharing all of your beekeeper’s secrets that come from years of being such a passionate beekeeper!”
Veronika, Carmel Knolls

Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Country Flat Farm

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Want to escape to a better place? Country Flat Farm, a working family farm producing honey, fruits and vegetables, has two cottages tucked in the redwoods, on the trail and off the carbon footprint grid. Solar powered and spring-fed, each has a kitchen and fireplace. A true hidden treasure, Country Flat Farm is like visiting the old family farm. 

You can explore the 50 acre farm and happen upon fruit trees and other treats and for the ultimate in relaxation, a massage therapist from the nearby Esalen Institute can relieve your body while Country Flat Farm relieves your soul.

Country Flat Farm is 12 miles south of Carmel on Highway 1 and three miles up Palo Colorado Canyon Road, a magical place in itself. Reservations cam be made online or call for availability.

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Country Flat Farms was begun by a couple looking for a place to raise their children and a way to connect with nature in Big Sur, the most natural place in the world. The father, who consults with association and schools about how to create sustainable organic gardens, makes museum quality tables from ancient, 50 year dead redwood.

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