Land. Meet sea.
Big Sur, California Visitor Bureau   
"This place is cool. The views are awesome!"
Amanda A.

" chocolate cake in the world."
Dave B.

Four studios, Big Sur. Gorda Springs Resort -
We have studio cottages (top right fog photo), studio rooms like you see here above "City Hall," and guest cottages like the Garden House shown below. Most have fireplace, all have big beds with warm comforters and pillows like marshmallows.

The Garden House, Big Sur. Gorda Springs Resort -

The garden like grounds are wonderful for nature photographers and people taking a leisurely stroll past the billy goat and onto the hill where you can practically see the sea of Japan.  

Wildflowers. Big Sur. Gorda Springs Resort -

Wood sign. Gorda Springs Resort -

Gorda Springs Resort
Whale Watchers Cafe
California Highway 1
Big Sur, California 93920

Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Gorda Springs Resort

Cottages in fog. Gorda Springs Resort -

Gorda Springs Resort is not in the town of Gorda Springs, it is the town of Gorda Springs, located 70 miles south of Carmel and 65 miles north of San Luis Obispo, 200 feet high on a cliff overlooking a deep water trench where whales wander by. You first spot them when you see a fountain of mist above the water and then a gray surface and if you're lucky, a breach, a 50 foot long humpback erupting from the water, as high as a three story building...splash.

Blue whales Pacific. Gorda Springs Resort -

Gorda Springs Resort is a home-made, locally operated village with a motel, cottages, restaurant, general store, gift shop, and a gas station. Known for its garden like setting and down home atmosphere, Gorda Springs is the perfect escape from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York or places further and bigger when you need to get away for awhile. It's quiet and old-fashioned and if you want a reservation you'll need to call. They're not about Travelocity and Expedia.

They are about whale watching at sunset, watching California Condors with 10 foot wingspans soar overhead, or hiking the beach at Jade Cove where you hunt for jade in the tide pools and keep what you can carry.

Jade Cove Big Sur. Gorda Springs Resort -

When you're tired and hungry we'll serve breakfast, lunch, dinner inside the Whale Watchers Cafe or on the patio deck. Hot espresso in the morning, a beer after a hike, or a bottle of local wine at sunset, we've got you covered.

Whale Watchers Cafe, Big Sur. Gorda Springs Resort -