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Hawthorne Gallery
48485 California 1 Big Sur, CA 93920 US
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Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Hawthorne Gallery

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The Hawthorne Gallery in Big Sur, California

If you fantasize about moving to Big Sur and raising a family off the grid and in the redwoods so they can connect with nature, escape reality, and develop the right (creative) side of their brains and everything is great and you grow artists, you'll have the Hawthorne family.

Now in its second generation creating great art, the Hawthorne siblings, not children anymore, create glass art, ceramics, paintings, jewelry, and sculpture.

Raised by an architect and a bookkeeper, Lisa, Christopher and Gregory each specialize in a medium close to their hearts. Lisa creates jewelry. Chris works with glass. Greg is an abstract artist. Julia Hawthorne, married to Chris, is a sculptor.

Together with other featured artists, they showcase an eclectic and mesmerizing mix of art and design in a one-of-a-kind gallery in the the best possible place for it to be - Big Sur, California.

The Hawthorne Gallery itself is worth a trip to Big Sur. Designed by Gregory Hawthorne with the help of Post Ranch Inn designer Mickey Muenning, the natural light is a perfect environment to see and fall in love with art. 

The Hawthorn Gallery web site shows great examples of their work. The photos of artistic installations are a splendor - from stainless steel driveway gates to massive in-ground sculptures that will last after the next generation of Hawthornes. 

Gregory Hawthorne

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Chris Hawthorne

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Lisa Hawthorne

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Julie Hawthorne

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