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Big Sur, California Visitor Bureau   

Grass-fed Filet Mignon Steak 
Hearst Ranch Beef filet mignon -
 Closely trimmed, tender and succulent,
the perfect gift for the most discerning palate.

Grass-fed Ribeye Steak 
Hearst Ranch Beef ribeye steak -
Hearty and tender with pronounced flavors
that will satisfy your love of beef.

Grass-fed New York Strip Steak 
Hearst Ranch Beef New York steak -
The paragon of steaks;
rich, flavorful and a joy to eat. 

Hearst Ranch Beef Kiosk
at Hearst Castle Visitor Center
750 Hearst Castle Road
San Simeon, CA 93452 US
Phone: 866-547-2624

Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Hearst Ranch Beef

Hearst Ranch Beef cowboy and dogs -

Our way is a long way from corporate cattle on feedlots. We raise grass-fed cows in green fields along the Pacific with real cowboys, horses, and dogs -  the way it was done a century ago.

The Hearst Ranch raises grass-fed Hereford, Angus and Shorthorn cattle from a line of stock 150 years old on a ranch of timeless beauty surrounding Hearst Castle, on the southern end of Big Sur, California. 

The ranch began in 1865 when miner (and then U.S. Senator) George Hearst acquired more than a quarter of a million acres of coastal hills and plains and raised cattle, chickens, horses, hogs, and sheep. 

Like fine wine, books and art, there is a provenance to how the initial product, a vine or a calf, becomes something special - based on weather, soil nutrients, and expertise, for sure, but there are things that elevate a product into another sphere, like the rich grasslands of the Santa Lucia mountains and the ocean view and the atmosphere that comes from a place like no other in the world. If you were going to start a dream ranch, this is it. 

The Hearst Ranch, now in its fourth generation, is run by Steve Hearst. That's him in the photo above. They process and sell a variety of products, including olive oils and vinegar and smoked and chipotle ketchup.

Now 80,000 acres, the Hearst Ranch is one of the largest coastal ranches in California. You'll drive through it when you travel Highway 1 and see the cattle in the fields.

Hearst Ranch Beef grasslands -

Comments from customers:

“This is how beef is supposed to taste."
“It’s delicious: rich and meaty, full-flavored and pure.”

The Hearst Ranch Beef guarantee:
“I’ve spent much of my life on our ranches and know firsthand the quality of beef we raise. I love our grass-fed beef and I’m confident you will too. My business is sharing the Hearst Legacy of Quality with our customers, and any compromise to our standards is simply not acceptable. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with anything we sell, please contact us and we’ll make it right. My brand depends on it.”
Steve Hearst