Land. Meet sea.
Big Sur, California Visitor Bureau   

299 Cannery Row,
Monterey, California 93940

Kayaks, paddle boards, bikes,
surreys, and motorized bikes. 

210 Alvarado (Portola Plaza Hotel)
Bikes, surreys, and motorized bikes.

Beach at Lover's Point (Pacific Grove)
Seasonal. Kayaks and paddle boards.

Stillwater Cove (Pebble Beach).
Seasonal. Kayaks.
Call 831-372-1807
to make arrangements in advance.

Adventures by the Sea offers guided tour by land and by sea, on bikes or kayaks.
It's a great way to learn about Cannery Row, Monterey, Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach while exploring the peninsula's wonderful diversity of plant and animal life.

Team building events conducted by Adventures by the Sea are a terrific way to build morale or celebrate a job well done. Options include beach olympics, group kayaking, and a scavenger hunt. 
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Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Kayak and Bike Rentals

Family owned and operated since 1987, Adventures by the Sea, 35 miles north of Big Sur on Cannery Row in Monterey, has kayak rentals and tours, bicycle rentals and tours, motorized bikes, surrey rentals, and paddle board rentals and lessons. Kayaks and bikes can be rented from locations on Cannery Row, Pebble Beach, Monterey, and Pacific Grove.

Staffed by outdoor enthusiasts and locals familiar with land and sea, Adventures by the Sea is a fantastic resource of local knowledge happy to help you turn your Big Sur weekend into a life-time adventure.

Great fun for families, couples, and regular ol' thrill seekers, they have everything you need, from splash suits and booties for kayakers, to sunglasses, lotion, and bottled water for bike and surrey riders. 

Paddle board lessons are only $60. It's a fantastic way to explore Monterey Bay, visit with seals and sea otters, and enjoy the fresh, salt water air and sunshine.

Adventures by the Sea's Cannery Row location is a few blocks from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, along the coast where sea otters and sea lions frolic and play. You might see a blue whale in the distance or pelicans flying in formation. 

By land, you can rent a bicycle, a tandem bicycle for two, kids bikes, and surreys.

For the more adventurous... enjoy a fun ride on a rented Pedego Electric Bike - they zoom along at up to 20 miles per hour! Adventures by the Sea is the exclusive distributor on the coast between Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Pedego Bikes have six gears, pedals, and a throttle you twist like a motorcycle.

There are miles of trails in either direction, south through Monterey and Del Monte Beach, or north through Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and 17-Mile Drive. Maps are plentiful and they have a great staff happy to give advice.