Land. Meet sea.
Big Sur, California Visitor Bureau   

Monterey Towing and Garage
234 Ramona Avenue
Monterey, Ca

Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Monterey Towing

Stuck in the middle of nowhere? Not for long...

Monterey Towing in Monterey, California assists motorists from Big Sur to Monterey. Their fully-insured roadside service is quick and professional:

Cars key locked in the car

Flat tire repair.
Stuck vehicle assistance.
Jumpstart and battery service.
Light equipment hauling.

Locals helping locals, Monterey Towing strives to provide the best service at the best price. 

Safe driving tips for Big Sur:
1. Tell people where you're going.
2. Make sure your brakes are safe.
3. Bring basic safety equipment, like flares and a flashlight.
4. Make sure your spare tire is in working order.
5. Bring water and snacks. You may be stuck two hours from the nearest helper.
6. Don't assume you'll have cell phone service.
7. While Highway 1 is almost never closed, a road on a cliff needs near constant repair. Prepare for delays up to 15 minutes.