Land. Meet sea.
Big Sur, California Visitor Bureau   
Ragged Point Inn
19019 California 1 
Big SurCA 93452 US
Phone: 805-927-4502 

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Ragged Point Inn.

Ragged point Restaurant.

Ragged Point Art Gallery.

Some sunsets are orange, others blue. On magical nights: both.

Here's a pictorial guide to California wild flowers.

Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Ragged Point Hiking

Ragged Point has acres of manicured lawns and California wild flowers enjoyed by humans and hummingbirds. The gardens are popular with day-hikers who enjoy a stroll through the cypress woods to the look-out point 200 feet above the Pacific.

There's a stairway and then a steep switch-back hike to the beach.

Scan the horizon for ships, sailboats, fishermen, and whales. If the sea is calm, the first sign of a whale is a spout of water, then a gray mass, a slow underwater cloud. Then, if you're lucky, an eruption - a massive humpback whale breaching and rising as high as a three story building.

Across the highway and up the canyon are trails for hikers wanting to climb into the fog. Two monks live on the top.