Land. Meet sea.
Big Sur, California Visitor Bureau   
"I was on a fishing streak. I caught close to 30 fishes by myself!! It was exhilarating!" CN, Sacramento

"Our deckhand was exceptionally friendly and helpful. He maintained a great attitude throughout the whole trip and would immediately deal with the tangled lines (I was on a boat with several first timers). Not a word of complaint the whole time but joked around with everyone on the boat." JH, Singapore

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Randy's Fishing Trips
66 Fishermans Wharf
Monterey, CA 93940

Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Randy's Fishing Trips

Rock Cod. Also called Red Snapper. Learn more.

Randy's Fishing and Whale Watching Trips - Located on the historic Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey California, is a small family business established in 1949 by Salvatore (Randy) Randazzo. Randy encouraged fun, affordable, family-oriented recreation with dedicated attention to honesty and satisfying his guest's desire, a tradition that has endured for over 50 years. 

Salmon. Born in fresh water. Learn more.

We have the distinct privilege to offer Recreational Sport Fishing Trips and Whale Watching Trips, as well as specialty cruises and more that are sure to fulfill your desire year round. Our Captains Brent Williamson and Brian Cutting  have been examined and issued a Master License by the USCG and have been operating vessels to carry "Passengers for Hire" throughout the course of the last 20+ years. 

Pacific Halibut. Can grow to 500 pounds. Learn more.

Randys' Fishing Trips offer a variety of Recreational Sport Fishing Trips through out the year depending on the Seasons.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium labels “hook and line” fishing as the sustainably responsible method of fishing – targeting species with regulates tackle. Randy's Fishing Trips utilizes the 'Hook & Line' Method for all Fisheries and follows all Regulations as Established by The Pacific Fisheries Management Council and the Department of Fish and Game. We also Encourage all Anglers do the same.

No experience is necessary - From the Novice to The Experienced Angler - ALL ARE WELCOME!

Albacore Tuna. Also called Longfin Tuna. Learn more.

Humboldt Squid. Grow up to five feet long. Learn more.

Dungeness Crab. You set pots; fish, and return. Learn more.