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Big Sur, California Visitor Bureau   
If you're into rain, rocks, and roads here's the Caltrans report on the new Big Sur "rock shed" currently being constructed around the highway at Pitkins Curve, the most notorious rock slide area on Highway 1, a place where they hauled out 7,000 (!) truckloads of rock after the big slide in 2000.

Pitkin Curve is about 2.5 miles south of the town of Lucia.

Big Sur Highway 1 rock shed -
The highway is not closed during construction, but expect delays.

Big Sur wildfire -
Forged by Fire is an eight-page story about destruction and renewal following Big Sur wildfires. If you like science, ecology, and fire schematics, it's a good read.

Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Road Conditions and Weather

Put momma on the train...
Highway 1 from Carmel to the elephant seal beach north of San Luis Obispo is one of the great road trips in the world  - with dazzling scenery, hairpin turns, and straight-aways where you can finally push your two-seater past third gear...

Big Sur California Highway 1 -  

Highway 1 is rarely shut down; but if it's under repair, like now, there may be night closures. Best to double-check. You're interested in SR 1 (California Highway 1) in the Central California region...

Big Sur rainbow -

Big Sur is one of the few places on earth where redwoods grow near cactus. The climate is mild year round with temperatures ranging from 50s to 70s summer through fall and in the 40s to 60s in the winter and spring.

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