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Old wood sign: Whale Watchers Cafe -
Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hot chicken sandwich: Whale Watchers Cafe -
Hot chicken sandwich with potato salad.

Slab of carrot cake: Whale Watchers Cafe -
Oh, my. 

Whale Watchers Cafe 
Gorda Springs Resort
California 1, Big Sur Ca

Weddings and groups are welcome. 

Whale Watchers Cafe

Whale Watchers Cafe -

Road trip!

The Whale Watchers Cafe is at the Gorda Springs Resort, one of the most popular whale watching vistas in Big Sur. Gorda Springs is on the southern edge of Big Sur, 15 miles north of Hearst Castle; 70 miles south of Carmel. The Resort is a town...with cottages, a general store, and its own gas station.

The cafe is open everyday, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guests are welcome to enjoy a meal inside or on the outdoor patio. With a full menu, Whale Watchers Cafe is something for everyone: salads, hot home-made soups, great sandwiches, thick burgers, and delightful dinners of fish, chicken, or beef. 

Six beers on tap, the cafe also features domestics and international wines.

Whale Watchers Cafe interior -

Our yummy desserts, baked on site, are displayed as a whole carrot cake, or a whole red velvet cake or a whole stack of delicious cookies, like these:

Stack of cookies: Whale Watchers Cafe -

If you buy the entire stack or an entire dessert to take to the cliff and share with family or friends while you watch whales, you wouldn't be the first.