Land. Meet sea.
Big Sur, California Visitor Bureau   
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Three hour trips.
Junior Marine Biologist for children.
$40 adults; $27 for children 4-12; under 4 free.
Daily trips at 10:00 am and 1:30 pm, and at 7:00 am on some Saturdays.

The main boat is the Sea Wolf II. It's 70 feet long and can hold 70 passengers. The are two restrooms and life preservers for everyone. 

Monterey Bay Whale Watch Center
Monterey Wharf
Monterey, CA 93940 US
Phone: 831-375-4658

Big Sur Visitor Bureau - Whale Watching

gray whale monterey bay big sur visitor bureau
Year-round whale watching!! But, first things first: Dress warmly and in layers just in case. It may seem warm on shore and wandering around Fisherman's Wharf, but at sea it's different and when the wind blows...

Whale watching on Monterey Bay is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This writer has gone several times. The different whale watch boats communicate with each other so if one boat finds whales away you go.

The unique experience Monterey Bay Whale Watch provides is an on-board marine biologist - often owner Nancy Black. It's one thing to hear someone yell, "Whale!" and another to learn about migratory patterns, food sources, the depth of the Monterey Bay canyon and other tidbits from a professional with 10 years of whale watching experience.

You'll see wildlife anytime you go, if only sea lions, otters and seabirds. Trips routinely see dolphins, porpoises, and killer whales that visit Monterey bay year-round. The giants: blue, gray and humpback whales visit in season. Fortunately, those seasons overlap so the odds of success are high.

killer whale monterey bay big sur visitor bureau